terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

This is my last resort. -Natii Busch

I wanted to be in your  place ..really..
Having choices, be happy with any alternative ..
think you're so smart, huh?
So let's make a game ... aren't you the great player?
What would you say if I took every piece of your life,slowly? Playing the bigger pieces to the air and shouting how much I DON'T want you to go away ... the smaller, I would keep reminding for only  few years .. then everything would become dust ..the same way that I don't want you to go, want you to fuck(and fuck her too)!
Stay with my contempt, and with my total lack of humor. Don't expect me to smile at you ... again ...
good luck . xoxo. 

Um comentário:

  1. and even tho
    there aint no night I spend without seeing you in my dreams,
    I still hate u.